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This band came across our radar when they dropped their EP 2021. After weeks of being on endless rotation, we soon discovered they had previously released another EP back in 2020. To no surprise, it was equally as ripping. So without any further ado, NFTW is proud to present the 12” wax edition of both 2020-2021 EP’s from Russia’s finest, TERMINAL ADDICTION. For those who fancy the thrills of D-beat of the Swedish nature, you’ll find much satisfaction within the grooves of this 9 track beast. TERMINAL ADDICTION combines all the best elements of Swedish hardcore and blends in the perfect amount of contemporary flavor that is sure to clear out the pit. The recordings are bright and clear, but still rough enough around the edges for the diehard Crust fans. A truly fitting outfit for NOT FOR THE WEAK!!! Each record come in a flawlessly illustrated reverse board jacket and comes with an 11x22 foldout insert/poster.

(Tracks 1-4) Recorded in Black Ho , Nizhny Novgorod, February 2021
Mixed and mastered by Christian Overall
Artwork by Raison Detre Art

(Tracks 5-9) Recorded in Correct Sound Studio, Nizhny Novgorod, February 2020
Mixed and mastered by Max Scum (Fast & Loud)

Cover Artwork by Raison Detre Art
Poster art by Lesnoy.

Polina: Vocals
Pablo: Drums
Goshan: Bass
Andrey: Guitar