Street Weapon - Quick to Die 7"


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Debut EP “Quick to Die” from Virginia Beach hardcore band STREET WEAPON. After previously releasing online demos in 2018 and 2019, STREET WEAPON has finally bestowed us with a truly beautiful piece of wax. Six tracks of well executed hardcore that pays respect to New York greats such as ALTERCATION, as well as Cleveland heavy hitters CONFRONT. Although, I’d say they take a more straight forward, less gimmicky approach like bands such as THE ABUSED, ANTIDOTE, and LIFE’S BLOOD. Did I mention most of the band is barely out of high school? Limited to a one time vinyl pressing of 50 on transparent red and 250 on Black.

For International shipping, message us at and we can discuss further details!

*UPDATE 3/25/2020
Red Pressing is SOLD OUT

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